Accessibility Policy

Real progress in accessibility doesn't come by chance. It comes from the day-to-day application of compelling corporate policy. Manhattan Management Consultancy Accessibility Policy builds in inclusiveness three ways:

· It starts with employee education. Formal programs of training keep Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd  employees on top of the latest developments in techniques for making online content accessible.. This curriculum is reinforced by company-wide awareness campaigns that replace stereotypes with real people.

· Collaboration comes next. During site development, we aim to work hand in hand with clients who have disabilities. prior to every major site release, Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd  content is routinely tested by client who use screen readers and other access technologies to access conventional software applications.

· The third factor is long-standing relationships with partners who are leaders in research and assistive technology. Partners help guide strategy and keep Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd site developers apprised of the latest developments in assistive technology.

Here's the Manhattan Management Consultancy Accessibility Policy:

Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd  is continuing to lead efforts to make the Internet a medium that improves people's lives. At Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd , we value our clients and strive to provide them with the highest quality, easiest, and most convenient services. We also believe that the Internet and Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd  should be friendly and easy-to-use for all clients, including those with disabilities. In that spirit, we have developed the Manhattan Management Consultancy Accessibility Policy which expresses our commitment to the development of products and services that are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Our policy is founded on three fundamental principles:

· Awareness

· Responsibility

· Collaboration


Accessibility Awareness

We believe that it is essential for our employees to be informed about the challenges faced by people with disabilities in accessing the internet and the technologies available to improve the user experience. This information fosters the ability to incorporate solutions into the design of information technologies. As part of the Manhattan Management Consultancy Accessibility Policy, we are raising the awareness of employees with respect to accessibility issues through the following practices:

· We provide our employees with information describing the importance of mainstream software applications and information technologies to people with disabilities. This information highlights existing challenges and unique uses of technology.


· We educate our employees with respect to how assistive technologies enable people with disabilities to access mainstream software applications and information technologies.


Taking Responsibility for Developing Accessible Products and Services

At Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd , we are integrating accessibility considerations into the research and design of products and services.

We have designated an employee to serve as an accessibility officer, whose job responsibilities include (i) providing support to groups during all stages of the design and delivery of products and services; (ii) planning seminars and classes conducted by relevant employees or invited experts that demonstrate existing barriers and introduce employees to assistive technology. Classes also discuss how accessibility best can be addressed in Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd products and services; and (iii) monitoring Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd 's application of this Accessibility Policy to its products and services.


Employees with principal responsibility for the development of products and services will consider and address on a regular basis issues relating to disability accessibility.


Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd  has established a Accessibility Checklist. The Checklist enables product and services developers to identify important access issues when designing new products and services.


Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd  product group managers will consult and refer to the Accessibility Checklist when developing new products and services and consider that their decisions regarding accessibility reflect both intended applications and relevant business demands.


Continuing Collaboration with the Disability Community

Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd values feedback from the disability community. We have worked with consultants who are experts on accessibility issues presented by computer software applications and information technology. We reach out to members of the disability communities to seek their input on accessibility issues and their feedback on Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd  products and services. We collaborate with the disability community by:

· Participating in national accessibility initiatives.

· Posting on our Website an e-mail address: to receive comments and feedback from the public on accessibility.

· Eliciting regular feedback on new products and services by inviting members of the disability community to serve as beta testers.

· Providing information to our members with disabilities on how best to access our products and services.