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Manhattan Management Consultancy Ltd. was incorporated in England and Wales

Company Registration Number: 5994391

VAT no. 911 5950 33

Our Philosophy

“Good corporate management is not so much a body of knowledge (although it is a important contributing factor) as a style of management and a good set of management tools that when correctly engaged will generate the desired outcome.”


There is a saying that goes, ‘Don’t learn the tricks of the trade, learn the trade’, but some ‘tricks’ are very important to corporate thinkers. Managing and thinking rationally involves the deployment of the right management tool at the right time, be it Mentorship, Change Management, Risk Management, Management Methodology, Macromanagement, Point of Influence ‘v’ Outcome, Corporate Governance or some other tool from the management toolbox. The most enduring contribution of the great corporations are the management tools, methods and approaches they invent/construct or discover, which often outlive the birth corporate from whence they were conceived.


Our Objective


“To impart to all clients not merely what the corporate management toolbox consists of, but to also demonstrate how and when to correctly engage them for the effective and timely delivery of the desired future state”

Picture of Director & Founder Alan Connor McVey

Director & Founder: Alan Connor McVey