Privacy Policy

Manhattan Management Consultancy respects the privacy of the personal information given to us, therefore personal details such as your name, street address and e-mail address, or any other business or personal information you may provide WILL NOT BE GIVEN OUT TO ANY THIRD PARTIES PERSONS OR COMPANIES, NOR WILL ANY INFORMATION BE SOLD OR GIVEN AS A GIFT TO ANYONE OUT SIDE OF MANHATTAN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY.

 Sites linked off Manhattan Management Consultancy

Manhattan Management Consultancy site contains many links to other Internet interest sites on the Internet operated by other webmasters and companies. Therefore Manhattan Management Consultancy cannot control information nor the way other sites regulate their readers personal information. Manhattan Management Consultancy cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or content of other web sites. However Manhattan Management Consultancy has taken time and care to make sure the links provided are to genuine sites of a responsible nature.

We urge you where possible to read their PRIVACY POLICY and reassure yourself that your information is safe BEFORE giving out your personal details. Many sites share their information with other sites and use words such as 'generally we do not share information', be careful this means they have and if the need would again sell or let others have access to your email address. Manhattan Management Consultancy does NOT do this, we have no need to share visitor information with others, or sell users information.

Manhattan Management Consultancy allows a user to email a URL to a friend. For this to work you need to enter your friends email details. This information IS NOT SAVED we do NOT store this it strictly a peer to peer process and does not involve Manhattan Management Consultancy or third party applications or companies. This is a safe feature for you to pass on the word and share what you find, nothing sinister.

 Cookie monsters

General note: If you are new to surfing or what to know how many cookies you can pick up in one online session you should set your browser to 'ask for each cookie', you'll be amazed. Manhattan Management Consultancy might use cookies but generally not, and if we do use them it'll only be to track traffic to see what browsers and OS is being used by surfers to this site. Again no data is shared or sold to ANY third party sites or marketing companies.