Trademark List

This page contains the most current information on Manhattan Management Consultancy Limited trademarks, however, this is not necessarily a complete list. The absence of a product or service name from this list does not constitute a waiver of Manhattan Management Consultancy Limited trademark or other intellectual property rights.

When referencing Manhattan Management Consultancy Limited trademarks and the names of Manhattan Management Consultancy Limited® and services on promotional materials, advertising, web sites, publications or other collateral, please be sure to include the appropriate trademark symbol (TM or ®) with the first and most prominent use of the mark. It is our preference to have our trademarks appropriately marked in headings and titles and then again in the first full mention in copy.

The below list includes one or more suggested generic descriptors for each trademark. When referencing Manhattan Management Consultancy Limited trademarks on any collateral (including, but not limited to web pages, product packaging or marketing materials) all references must include the full reference, which is the trademark followed by the appropriate generic descriptor the first time it appears (e.g., Manhattan Management Consultancy Limited® ). After the first mention, the trademark should be followed by the generic descriptor in at least one third of all references.

Please keep in mind that trademarks are adjectives and must always be followed by a noun (generic descriptor). Trademarks should never be made a plural or a possessive, so even if a product name seems to function as a noun, keep in mind that as a trademark, the generic descriptor MUST follow that reference the first time in any of the above mentioned collateral.